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Maybe you did a Google search, or you had a friend or a family member tell you about it. Like or comment on something on a Facebook page that led you to discover it. Maybe it was a fight scene in a movie that drew you to it or a newspaper article on its effectiveness. But now you have found it, Krav Maga classes in your local area, and you want to learn, so what’s the next step?

The first step you have probably already done, looking up Krav Maga online, where it comes from, what it’s about, trying to see if it’s effective, whether you think it will be right for you. Now you’re ready for the next step, joining a local class.

Find a school teaching genuine Krav Maga that’s affiliated to an approved body. Due to its popular rising there are many Krav Maga schools opening that are not teaching genuine Krav Maga, they teach hybrid systems mixing small amounts of Krav with other styles or even teaching Krav Maga from YouTube (it’s been known). These are mostly existing martial arts practitioners that have taken what they know, add in a little bit of Krav they have learnt elsewhere and just want to cash in on the current rising in popularity that Krav Maga has. And earn lots of money from it.

Speak to the instructor. Make a list of all the questions you can think have, written them down beforehand so you don’t forget any. Any genuine instructor will be more than happy to answer your questions about training with them.

Before having your Free Trail Session you may already know if it’s for you or not, depending on the amount of Research you have done, plus the sort of person you are and why you want to learn. There may be a membership fee to pay after you have joined a club, if there is it may be best to sign up on the same night as your trail session because the membership fee may be more expensive if you join the club after your trail session

Join the free trail session, most instructors will offer you a free session trial to allow you to see if Krav is really what you want and to see that the class fills your expectations. Don’t go there thinking you will learn loads of Jason Bourne stuff in one session or even in your Free trail Session

Don’t worry that you won’t know enough. Everyone has to start somewhere; every student in the class was once in your shoes. Krav Maga has a great attribute in the type of students it attracts, no attitudes, no meat heads, and no crap allowed, you will find your fellow students very welcoming, and very eager to help you along. Why not hang around afterwards to have a chat with them about the school and the training?

“Am I fit enough?” don’t worry, your fitness will improve in time, just work along with the class at your best. In time your best will get better and better. Before you know it your an established member of the club, then one day a new nervous face will walk through the door for their first lesson, you will remember, you will smile, and you will be happy to make the newbie welcome and want to help the way your class mates once helped you.

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