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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga - Adding self defence techniques into your fitness programmes

    Adding self defence techniques into your fitness programmes

    Adding self defence techniques into your fitness programmes The combination of cardio and fitness in martial arts and self defence has been an increase to the industry. The popularity of such programs has greatly promoted public awareness and participation. Unfortunately, despite the positive aspects of these fitness trends, there has also produced some potentially dangerous side effects too If you watch any of the infomercials for martial arts fitness systems, you will invariably see interviews with people who have successfully gotten into shape and the compulsory before-and-after photos testifying to improved health and confidence. However, you’ll sometimes also hear ....

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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga - The science behind Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

    The science behind Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

    Many people who start a new form of exercise for the first time are surprised to discover that the pain they experience in their muscles is actually more intense a few days after doing the workout. The process in which we stress the muscles leads to a chain of events that involve both the structural damage and an inflammatory response. Structural Damage - When we exercise our muscles by pushing them past what is easy and comfortable, we are actually causing slight tears, or damage, to the muscle fibres. The sarcolemma, also referred to as the muscle membrane, is stressed and this can be seen by increased concentrations of specific enzymes in the blood. The more intense the ....

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  • Why Women Should Learn Krav Maga

    So why is Krav Maga great for women? Facts Krav Maga is different. It’s not classed as a martial art. It’s an Israeli self-defence system designed forwar. There are no rules and there is no letting up until you are safely away or your attacker is incapacitated. It uses quick, explosive movements It’s brutal; you strike at your attacker’s vulnerableareas such as the eyes and groin and throat area, and then escape. It’s taught to some of the world’s most elite combat units and now it’s becoming popular with women as a self-defence system. What’s great about Krav Maga for Women, ‘It teaches you to be able ....

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  • Gains from HIIT Training

    Effectiveness Having a busy schedule can make it difficult to workout. If all you have is your lunch hour, you want something that is going to be both quick and effective. interval training for 15 minutes, 3 times a week, you will benefit more than if you ran on a treadmill for an hour. If you only have short time to get yourself into better shape, 2 weeks of HIIT training can improve your aerobic capacity as much as 6 to 8 weeks of endurance training The Exercise The great thing with HIIT training is you can choose any exercises you are good at and like. You can choose from two to eight different exercises for a single HIIT Session. So how does HIIT work, Each Exercise ....

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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga -  Traffic light system

    Traffic light system

    The amount of times I read articles about local attacks, stabbings and rapes people being beaten up for nothing. We generally live our lives hoping that it will never be us becoming the victim; that the pub fight will break out after we have gone home; or that we would never be a target for a kidnapping. But it happens. If you ask any victim if they were expecting to be singled out that day, they would never have thought it would be them. So, what can you do about it? The greatest self-defence tools we possess are our eyes and ears and common sense. Situational awareness is the key. If you can see some sort of violent situation occur either involving you or not why stand ....

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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga - Importance of Visualization

    Importance of Visualization

    Visualization is a good training tool for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s a great way to practice what you do in your training sessions, most people can dedicate a few hours per week and by practicing visualization of their techniques a few times per day, they can add an extra hour or two to their training Secondly, visualization allows you to take your training out of the class and into the real world where the violence actually occurs. As much as we can replicate aggression, emotional state and the stress of violence in the classes we have limitations of our training as well. Firstly, we know that we are in a training environment there may be moments we forget ....

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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga - Risky Business or Not

    Risky Business or Not

    At times we can be so security focused that we ignore or forget to consider the other threats and dangers that affect us. In certain instances, we can choose to implement actions based on improving our safety from certain threats such as violence, that compromise our safety from more prevalent and likely dangers e.g. putting security locks on our doors and windows to prevent our homes getting burgled, however if these precautions slow down our ability to exit our home in the event of a fire, or even an assault by someone we have willingly let in to our homes, they have done little to ensure our safety. If we are able to protect ourselves from buglers but die in a house fire what was the ....

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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga - So you want to join a Krav Maga Club

    So you want to join a Krav Maga Club

    Maybe you did a Google search, or you had a friend or a family member tell you about it. Like or comment on something on a Facebook page that led you to discover it. Maybe it was a fight scene in a movie that drew you to it or a newspaper article on its effectiveness. But now you have found it, Krav Maga classes in your local area, and you want to learn, so what’s the next step? The first step you have probably already done, looking up Krav Maga online, where it comes from, what it’s about, trying to see if it’s effective, whether you think it will be right for you. Now you’re ready for the next step, joining a local class. Find a school teaching ....

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  • Kettlebell Part 1

    Think about hand care when using kettlebells When people use kettlebells in their training programme they only think about, what weight they can use and doing the exercises, but may be one of the first things people should think about is hand and skin care, plus doing the exercise correctly to prevent injuries. Swings, cleans and snatches can rub skin of the palm and fingers, causing callouses. The callous is usually not a problem until it rips tears or cracks the skin. To avoid getting callouses The more you train your hands will eventually get used to the battering and the callouses Cleans, snatches and swings are the hardest on the hands so ....

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  • Krav Maga in Swindon - South West Krav Maga - Prepare for the unexpected

    Prepare for the unexpected

    Robert Baden-Powell, the man who inspired the scout movement, explained the phrase be prepared in both body and mind. Unexpected situations affect us all on a daily basis. We can prepare for them materially, by keeping food, water and warm clothing in our cars in case we break down. We cannot always prepare for things in a material sense; this can often lead to fear and anxiety, which further diminishes our ability to deal with the situation. How can we prepare ourselves mentally and physically to more competently protect ourselves from unforeseen situations Krav Maga is a self defence discipline which focuses on pushingthe body and mind to its limits. It teacheshow to maintain ....

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