• I've been training at the Oxford club for almost two years, and feel much healthier now than I ever did in my 20s! I took my first lesson in July 2014 out of curiosity while looking for something new and haven't looked back since.

    I practiced two different styles of karate for a number of years before starting Krav Maga, and I find Krav Maga much more useful as it deals with the practical reality of self defence rather than expecting someone to politely 'attack' you in a karate stance and politely wait for you to counter their 'attack'. The classes in Oxford are always physically and mentally challenging, and after a day stuck working in an office that is a great stress reliever!

    The guys in the classes (Reading as well as Oxford) are great to train with, no massive egos and everyone works together as a team regardless of age, shape or size.

    Instructor Kennie Gould Gould delivers training with a no-nonsense but good humored approach - he is very supportive and clearly explains and demonstrates the practical applications of the techniques. The use of pads, bags, knives and bats regularly in class, (which was very lacking in my experience of karate), and working in pairs, threes, or as a group of ten, really enhances the training, and adds to the mental and physical challenge.

    Aside from the usefulness of learning and practicing effective self defense techniques, and improving health and stamina through the physical exercises in class, Krav Maga is great fun to be had on a Monday evening.

    Matt Noy
  • I have discovered Krav Maga quite randomly in January and am doing it once a week. It combines physical exercises and fighting techniques and is perfect if you like to challenge yourself. Kennie, the instructor, is very good and teaches Krav precisely with adequate explanations. The team is very nice, welcoming and also hardworking. I have gained confidence and the work out is great as we are pushed to always do more and better. I would recommend it to everyone, being a girl and learning to fight against men is absolutely not scary, it's fun!

    Laura Bobe
  • I have been studying Krav Maga with Kennie since around Feb 2015. I was initially apprehensive about joining the class but my fears were soon allayed. Kennie's approach is no-nonsense, supportive and draws from his experience to galvanise the reality base of Krav Maga. My fitness levels have increased exponentially and Kennie also helps to develop new ways of thinking and improved confidence in your own abilities. The group is diverse, a good mixture of ages and gender, with no 'big ego's'. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions, which are challenging physically and mentally and highly recommend joining.

    Panda Brightside
  • Classes are excellent, and I'm pushed physically beyond anything I thought I was capable of. Every week you have the mixture of physical pain and exhiliration that tells you you've done something good for you AND that it was really fun. The techniques are practical and designed to let you work from muscle memory, so hopefully will not be lost in a real world situation. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

    Ihsaan Faisal
  • If you want to challenge yourself and want to learn something that works.. South West Krav Maga - Oxford is the place to go. A friendly supportive group for all abilities which will see your skills and fitness develop quickly. Kennie is a superb instructor, and brings the best out of everyone in the class.

    Lee Markham
  • have trained under Kennie in Oxford for nearly 6 months now, in this short time I have gained a skill and confidence which could save my life and that of others around me, also My fitness has improved hugely.

    By invitation of Kennie and the SWKM - Oxford I have also been trained by the head instructor of the Israeli defence force. It's great to know that the head instructors work alongside the SWKM and there training to ensure its as effective as possible, adding this to kennie's personal security background, I feel I couldn't get a higher level of training anywhere else.

    I recommend SWKM - Oxford Oxford for male and female 100%

    Matthew Partlett
  • It is now three months since I joined Oxford Krav Maga and I am so pleased that I did. Kennie is an excellent instructor and gets the very best out of everyone as long as you are prepared to push yourself. In three months both my fitness and body strength have really improved and I feel more confident in being able to protect myself and those around me as the Krav Maga techniques that Kennie teaches are for real life situations. As for the classes everyone is great, very friendly, and the more experienced are very willing to help the less experienced. Both men and women are in the classes and from a female perspective I find it beneficial to pair up with the men, as well as the women, as it gives you the opportunity to feel and practice against different body strengths. So if you want to get fitter, learn how to defend yourself, and meet a great group of people please do come along and see if it is for you. I am really glad I joined and look forward to every session. A big thank you to Kennie and the rest of the class.

    Lynn Boswell
  • My fitness was absolutely terrible. In just two short months Kennie has pushed me beyond what would be my normal limits. My fitness has improved and the Krav Maga techniques look at real world examples. Not fancy jumping kicks, but real world situations. Cannot recommend him and the classes highly enough. The best decision I have made in a long time. Thank you Kennie.

    Pupinder Ghatora
  • Kennie is the real deal... he backs up first class Krav training with real world experience. Great guy and definitely someone worth training with as you will not find many instructors with his background.

    Jason Burnett
  • I have been doing Krav Maga for a year and a half, Kennie is a fab instructor, who has given me handy helps and tips so that I can go for my P2 grading. Techniques are broken down into smaller movements so that techniques are learned correctly from day one.

    A recent outside session was fantastic, and helped with ground techniques. and I was pushed throughout. Thanks Kennie!

    Nicky Stokes
  • I've been attending sessions for a few months at south west Krav maga Swindon now. The blend of fitness and self defence works really well together, as you need to move past the comfort zone physically and mentally to be better equipped if you require it outside the sessions. Kennie pushes you hard and delivers realistic self defence, while being good humoured with it... recommended for sure!

  • I've been training with South West Krav Maga for over 3 years. Kennie Gould is an excellent Instructor who constantly trains and updates his own Krav Maga knowledge to ensure his students always receive the must up todate techniques and training. The classes are always tough yet enjoyable and the group atmosphere is great. I'd recommend Kennie and South West Krav Maga to anyone interested in learning reality based self defence

    Trevor Wicks
  • The best decision I have ever made. I have lost loads of weight, become stronger and fitter. All thanks to Kennie and his training and knowledge. Truly life changing for the better.

    Pupinder Ghatora
  • Fantastic team of people with a very knowledgeable instructor, Kennie Gould True Legend 

  • Great class, great instructor! Authentic KM, would recommend to anyone who wants to get in shape & learn how to protect them selves, one of the best instructors in Oxford

    Bailey Bailey
  • Kennie is the real thing a great trainer and very passionate about krav I can't wait to go to another class.

    Paul Ayres
  •  As such I thought it would be a good time to write a review for anyone who may be considering joining. 
    Firstly and most importantly let me say this, JOIN NOW, you will not regret it, not even for a second. The first session is free and it's enough to get you hooked for life.
    Now let's get down to the details. 
    The instructor, Kennie Gould, is an accomplished martial artist, Ex British Forces soldier and close protection operative. It shows. He teaches the group without any shred of arrogance or condescension and makes every lesson fun, challenging and interesting. 
    He teaches not only how to defend yourself but ow to do within the law and with controlled and proven techniques. Techniques that may be easy to learn in principle but will keep you practicing in a quest to improve and master.
    The lessons themselves work on so many levels. As an ex gym class drifter, moving from one variation of circuits to another I can honestly say the physical exercise routines are challenging but rewarding. Yet they serve only as an introduction to the true nature of the class, self defence. 
    I used to study Judo and boxing as a kid and whilst boxing is an effective defence format I don't think there is anything else out there to rival Krav Maga. This form teaches how to defend yourself from the kind of attacks you are likely to encounter in the real world. It teaches how to remain calm and controlled under pressure and be confident that wherever or however you are threatened you can counteract or defend against it.
    We have a great class of people of varying levels of ability in Reading and I am so happy that I chose to join when I did. My physical fitness and confidence have both improved and that is due to the krav techniques we learn and the atmosphere created by our instructor and our team.
    I can see myself becoming a lifelong student of Krav and anyone that decides to come and join us will see why!

    Shayne De Jager
  • I'd love to able to train at South West Krav Maga - Reading whilst I'm home from uni on my holidays so that'd be great! Hopefully I can find a really good Krav class like yours when I'm at uni otherwise it'll be a bit disappointing. I cannot believe how much my body aches aside from the self defence it was a brilliant work out too. See you next Saturday all the best Kat!!

  • I started training in Krav Maga around two years ago at the Reading venue with Kenny Gould as my instructor on Thursdays and Saturdays.  I would like to share how Krav Maga has helped me develop as a person and provided me with the tools for the type of self-defence I was really looking for.

    I was looking for a self-defence class as a way to get fit and learn some new moves without the hassle that goes with all martial arts of grading, along with the events and competitions so this is why Krav Maga South West ticked all of these boxes for me.

    Krav Maga is not a martial art, it is a military self-defence/fighting system used by the British Special Forces and therefore every session focuses on 30% fitness and conditioning with 70% structured teaching from Kenny Gould the instructor.

    Kenny Gould is a former British soldier and has worked in the close protection industry as highly skilled operator for many years and this really shows in his teaching styles and short lectures along with seminars which are held every 3 to 4 months, which I may add are not mandatory but are a lot of fun and very social.

    I now train with Kenny at his Tuesday and Thursday sessions in Swindon and the one thing that stands out above all is that all the members over the past couple of years do not stand on ceremony and are all very sociable.

    Danial James
  • i have been part of the South West Krav Maga Club for almost a year and i have passed a level 1 Practitioner Grading. This Club is awesome, everyone is super friendly and Kennie's tuition is precise, effective, clear and has great ways of making learning easy for new beginners while making classes enjoyable. i have a background in Taekwondo and i was looking to join a Krav Maga Club for a while and learn a practical skill set. My confidence has increased, my social anxiety has settled and my fitness levels are the best they have ever been. Classes are so enjoyable but you will learn like real life scenario. you will be taught by a highly qualified instructor who obtains a Wingate Academic Institute of Israel Qualification. One of the best. You wont regret it.....

    I've never looked back

  • I am a relative a newcomer to South West Krav Maga Reading taught by Kennie Gould; I started training beginning of October 2016, training twice a week. I can't imagine living without it. It's so much more than just 'fun' or 'challenge', though it's that as well. If you are looking to go out and be more than you thought you can be, this is the club for you.

    Most sessions starts with a warm up and physical activities, doing that regularly shows results very quickly, going on to the Krav Maga techniques which get more refined, practiced faster and under pressure as your ability progresses. Sore muscles and aching limbs are part of the deal. I did Karate and sports climbing for a lot of years in my twenties, but after doing Krav Maga at the age of 42 I am now a lot fitter than I have ever been.

    The guys are great and always helpful, supportive and challenging. Okay I’m a sucker for a challenge, I admit it. Being female and rather petite, I was used to being one 'to be made allowances for in my previous sports and I always hated that. In the Reading Krav Maga sessions there is none of that, I am just one of them; we all fit in as one team. All jesting aside, I feel welcome and 'at home' every time I go to training and for this feeling alone I'd walk figuratively through RPO valley twice a week

    Edith Koger
  • I've been training with Kennie since December 2013. I've trained in many different martial arts but always wanted to try Krav Maga as it focuses purely on self defense as opposed to sport or tradition. I have found the techniques to be practical and very straightforward, exactly what you need in a self defense situation. Each class has a strong fitness element for those who want to get in shape. Kennie is a no nonsense instructor whose teaching is clear and to the point. Would recommend to anyone looking for an effective way to make themselves safer on the street.

    Ben Payne
  • Kennie is an excellent teacher who uses his background to create challenging and engaging classes which not only improve skills but also fitness. Recommended for anyone looking to get fit, improve confidence  and learn a new skill

    Martyn Kenneally
  • Really well instructed sessions that focus on all aspects of defence and neutralisation when a violent incident occurs. This ranges from rotational kicks to 360 degree blocks.

    I have been going now for 4 weeks and enjoy the challenge each session brings. I was thinking about getting a personal trainer in the new year but gave krav maga a go and this does all that I wanted. It's high intensity training session.

    Chris Bailey
  • I've been attending Kennie's Krav Maga sessions for over a month now. Training involves intensive workouts, which will surely get you in shape, coupled with thorough self-defence practice under the expertise of Kennie.  I Highly recommend!

    John G
  • Amazing teacher and friendly group.  I have never been so fit in my life since I started.  The practical techniques are well explained and easy to understand with help along the way.  Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to learn self-defence and get fit.

    Khezia Asamoah
  • I have only recently started at South West Krav Maga - Swindon. Already I am learning effective and practical self-defence. I would recommend Krav Maga and the instructor Kennie to anybody.

    Nathan Egan
  • I have been training with Kennie Gould at South West Krav Maga - Reading about six months. I've felt a big improvement in my fitness and level confidence at this early stage. I am about to take the first grading and look forward to more training. The Reading and Oxford groups have grown considerably during my time here as people have learned more about the practical benefits of the Krav Maga system and Kennie himself, and they continue to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

    Jim Owen
  • Great bunch at South West Krav Maga - Oxford and Reading , if your looking to improve your fitness , confidence , call Kennie you won't regret it  , diff ages , shapes and sizes , nationalities , you will be made to feel welcome , fitness techniques that work u will get fitter, lose weight ,get conditioned , strengthen , your body , the combatives Kennie teaches are easy to learn , a lot easier than other martial arts/ personnel  protection classes I have attended that frankly don't work  Or are very complicated to pick up... Facebook pages u get added to are informative and u get diet plans as well, for the money it's great value , 4/5 sessions a week cost me less than a fiver a go ....for a 90 minute session ... Fitness and combatives ... Don't bother with a personnel trainer they are expensive , Kennie's Krav Maga is the full package ..

    Tim Rackley
  • I recently attended a Krav Maga seminar organised by Kenny of South West Krav Maga,     who are affiliated with the Krav Maga Alliance from the U.S. An organisation headed up by John Whitman.
    It was in fact John and his training team from the states that led the seminar.
    Four hours of rapid intense training flew by,  the techniques are easy to learn and quick to master which is the heart of Krav Maga!
    John's teaching method was great,  clear and concise delivered with passion.
    This was a great seminar and I feel lucky to have been a part of it.
    Thanks to Kenny of South West Krav Maga for organising and inviting me Richard Golder of North Bristol Krav Maga along.  Sharing and training together with no politics. Awesome.

    Richard Alex Golder
  • Training at South West Krav Maga in Swindon is both fun and rewarding. The professionalism in the training is second to none and the skills I have learned are based on real - life situations. The training exercises allow for quick adoption of an effective self defence system.

    I really enjoy it and couldn't recommend it more

    Mike Wood
  • If you want to learn proper Israeli Krav Maga in the Oxford area with lessons geared towards self defence and getting you fit for the fight then go here, South West Krav Maga - Oxford

    Johnathan Love
  • Great classes from an instructor with a wealth of experience, highly recommended

    Mark Edwards BKMA Instructor
  • Hi, I joined Kennie's South West Krav Maga class recently and was warmly welcomed by all. And to be honest it has taken me by surprise how interested I have become with Krav Maga. This is no doubt down to the fantastic Instructor led, by example, training Kennie encourages. I have pushed my body to its physical limits during classes. But was encouraged to keep trying and never have I left a class feeling dissatisfied. Body may be tired but I feel unbelievable(accomplished).
    I would highly recommend anyone to check it out. Self Defence, confidence, fitness all soar after some Krav Maga

    Ellen Heally
  • Great, realistic training taught by an instructor who has a real passion for Krav Maga and student development. As an instructor Kennie regularly attends instructor seminars and training in order to stay at the top of his game and deliver the best training to his students. Would highly recommend if you are interested in learning realistic and practical self defence skills and for physical fitness development.

  • I have only trained for a couple of months with Kennie, but I already feel fitter and better equipped from a self defence stand point. Fantastic, no-nonsense teacher who really pushes you and knows what he's talking about. I'd highly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to get fit, protect themselves or both

    Ross T
  • I’ve been attending South West Krav Maga - Swindon for 8 weeks. It is all I talk about and *always* feel a sense of achievement when I go home. I highly recommend this club to anyone, especially to those looking to break the monotony of going the gym. Why not get confidence too? Learn something of value in your life and train as a team? You also have the option of training once or twice or times per week at a single club, but that extends to the Oxford and Reading Clubs. If I wanted extra sessions for FREE of Charge, drop into Reading or Oxford! So contact Kennie Gould if you would like a FREE taster session and I’ll hopefully see you there! Work hard, train hard, stay safe.

    Dominic Zukiewicz


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